I’ve concluded that I’m terrible at making regular updates for all my social media profiles, blogs, websites, and all things, but here is something that I’m very excited to share: Jessica Lee Yoga, my yoga teaching website! Well, the landing page for now, at least.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been considering getting certified to teach yoga for a couple of years now but have always had different reasons (excuses?) holding me back, such as not being able to take approved time off work, not having the sufficient funds, etc. WELL it’s finally happening this year, and I’m going off to Sydney to train with Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein in a little over 3 weeks!

I haven’t decided whether to start teaching part-time straight away or to wait a little and save up until I have enough to support myself to teach full-time (really should stop making excuses) but I’ll be continuing to assist my AcroYoga partner with her classes and workshops, and will probably help out at her new studio Yoga BamBam, so please do come support my yoga teaching career :) But first, 200RYT certification, here I come!

Revisiting aerial hoop after far too long! I’ve never been this excited to get bruised and battered.

Goodbye Mongkok, it’s been a great 7 years! I won’t miss all the pedestrian rage and allergic fits you’ve given me, though.

Just realised that I haven’t updated crittercity for ages, especially since after we got Faust (I’ve slowly become one of those obsessive pet owners, whoops) so here’s a quick snapshot I took the other night of a regular Mongkok pug trio with their schnauzer friend. Look at their stubby legs and attentive faces! I want a corgi trio.

Good morning! Hong Kong, you’re killing it with this sunny streak. Although saying that, I’ve probably just jinxed us and it’ll start pouring rain and thundering again tomorrow, sorry guys.

After months of rainy, stormy weekends, the weather gods has finally graced us with a gloriously sunny week without a single cloud in the sky. Come Monday, the city will be nursing their collective sunburns with giant bottles of aloe gel but for this view it’d be worth it.

Meet Lord Faustus von Wigglebum, our 10-month old British Shorthair kitty that we’ve had for three and a half months now. He plays fetch and waits for us by the door when he hears someone turning their keys. I don’t think he realises that he’s a cat, not a dog.

The bf recently moved back for good, and we’ve been living in the apartment that used to belong to his uncle, a man who was an avid collector of historical memorabilia and antiques from all corners of the world. We found this gem (framed in the toilet, of all places) and I swear I let out a chain of gasps: first when I saw the old newspaper, then again when I realised it was dated from February 27, 1911. 1911! There are news stories on the front page about the plague that killed over 100,000 in 2 months, opium farming, and the Chinese imperial family traveling to London for the coronation of King George V. Pretty amazing, huh?

My poor hip bones are bruised from yesterday’s AcroYoga jam, but for amazing moments like this it’s totally worth the pain!

So in the last hour, I’ve made a new AcroYogi friend from Paris and somehow got involved in co-organising an AcroYoga jam for this Sunday! Can’t wait to be bent like a pretzel in mid-air again :) If you’re in Hong Kong and are interested in some acrobatics-yoga fun, we’d love to have you join us for twisty, flying awesomeness like this:

Had to pop into Park Island for work today to take care of a blogger tasting, but found myself a nice spot on the beach as soon it was over. Managed to visit my cousins and uncle too while I was there - a pretty good day, I’d say :)

(Taken with Instagram at Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach 馬灣東灣泳灘)

Happy birthday, best friend! Welcome to the quarter life crisis club.

(Taken with Instagram at MoriHachi Yakiniku - 盛八日式燒肉店)